Booker Stardrum is a Los Angeles based percussionist/improviser/composer. Seeking to evoke an elusive and non-linear sonic space, Booker’s recent compositions are sculptural, involving the dense layering of instruments, a focus on pan-tonality and an intuitive approach to rhythm. His new full-length album ‘Temporary etc.” is a highly personal amalgamation of electro-acoustics, minimalism, ambient, jazz, and contemporary experimental electronic music. His new live solo set for drums and electronics combines acoustic percussion with integrative sampler technology, deconstructing and reimagining sounds from the album. Aside from his solo practice, Booker has dedicated himself to the art of percussion across multiple platforms, having recorded and performed with rock-based groups like Cloud Becomes Your Hand, Landlady, Lee Ranaldo, and Weyes Blood, in addition to more experimental and free improvisation collaborations with Nels Cline, Arian Shafie, VaVatican, and more.

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