Two Refusals - two channel video installation up now at the Brooklyn Museum October 27 2023 - May 5 2024
Golden Jubilee
Letter From Your Far-Off Country
Millenium Fall

production / sound design:

Mycelial Echo
The Vanishing Point
On The Platform
Bring On The Fog
Smokes Last Thought

select discography:

SML, Small Medium Large. International Anthem, 2024
Booker Stardrum + Chris Williams
, Relay. Cached Media, 2023
Helena Deland, Goodnight Summerland. Chivi Chivi, 2023
Westerman, An Inbuilt Fault. Partisan Records, 2023
Spencer Zahn, Statues. Sudden Records, 2023
Booker Stardrum, Crater. NNA, 2021
Booker Stardrum + Lisel, Mycelial Echo. Luminelle, 2021
Olden Yolk, Living Theatre. Trouble in Mind, 2019
Field Guides, This Is Just A Place. Whatever’s Clever, 2019
Booker Stardrum, Temporary etc. NNA, 2018
Michael Coleman, Rocketship 5. Self-released, 2017
Sunshine Soldier, Thump. Prom Night Records, 2017
Landlady, The World is a Loud Place. Home Tapes, 2017
Weyes Blood, Front Row Seat To Earth. Mexican Summer, 2016
Sam Evian, Premium. Saddle Creek, 2016
Cloud Becomes Your Hand, Rest in Fleas. Northern Spy Records, 2016
Booker Stardrum, Dance And. NNA, 2015
VaVatican, I Love You (Dora Lee). NNA, 2014
Landlady, Upright Behavior. Home Tapes, 2014
Cloud Becomes Your Hand, Rocks or Cakes. Northern Spy Records, 2014
Field Guides, Boo, Forever. Muir Woods, 2014
VaVatican, SoSoviet (I Loved You and You Broke My Heart). Prom Night Records, 2012
Sunshine Soldier, Self-titled. Prom Night Records, Brooklyn, 2011
Landlady, Keeping To Yourself. Museum People Records, 2011